Solaxy Store

  • Solaxy Metaverse provides Mystery Box for:
    • Bluechip Solana NFTs
    • Exclusive Whitelist Spots
    • In-Metaverse Assets
    • Physical Merchandises
    • P2E & PVP games (TBA)
    • and more...
  • Solaxy Keycard NFT listings.
    • In the future, SolaxyDAO will acquire Solaxy Keycard NFTs and list them for $SOLA on the Solaxy Store.
By spending $SOLA on Mystery Box, you are able to win a chance for getting the above products and services.

Solaxy Raffle

  • Solaxy Raffle offers chances to win:
    • Bluechip Solana NFTs
    • Big bag of $SOLA
    By buy raffle tickets via $SOLA, you will be entitled to join each round of raffles.