Solaxy Metaverse

Solaxy Metaverse is a Solana project for us to hang out with friends, play games, furnish, show off your NFTs - right in your browser. Earn $SOLA passively by staking your Solaxy Property.

Welcome to Solaxy Metaverse. Solaxy aims to provide a Second Home Belonging in the Web3 World where we all hang out with real-life & web3 friends in an interactive way online and virtual property ownership experiences like never before.

As NFT & Metaverse are getting more popular and virtual assets become a significant part of our portfolios, Solaxy strives to create a dynamic perspective where you can appreciate your cross-chain NFTs from different angles, and show them off to friends when they simply walk into your Solaxy Apartment(s).

Solaxy is not only about owning an apartment but also about joining a friendly community. Check out more details in our official links:

Vision & Mission

Solaxy's vision is to connect people dynamically in web3. We are a Social Metaverse for communities & members to hang out, as well as an accelerator for the metaverse industry by providing the infrastructures we built.

How much is Solaxy Keycard NFT?

WL: $1.5 SOL Public Mint: $1.75 SOL

Where do I buy Solaxy Keycard NFT?

Magic Eden Launchpad:

How many NFTS are in the Collection?

The total supply of Solaxy Keycard NFT is 1,000 3,000.

What's the Rarity?

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